Carrollton Baptist Association
Friday, December 06, 2019

Media Resources--Page 2

SPIRITUAL GROWTH                                       OTHER RELIGIONS/CULTS
Life in the Spirit                                             The Mormon Puzzle--What Mormons                                                       
     by Robertson McQuilken                                   Believe & How to Witness to Them           
From Heaven's View                                         The God Makers (VIDEO)
     by T. W. Hunt                                             The Mormon Dilemma (VIDEO)
The Mind of Christ
     by T. W. Hunt                                            DONATED BIBLE STUDIES
Chase the Lion                                                (VHS OR LISTENING TAPES)
     by Mark Batterson                                       The Jesus I Never Knew
Experiencing God                                                       by Philip Yancey
     by Henry Blackaby                                        Personal Holiness in Times of Temptation
Spiritual Warfare                                                        by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson
     by Chuck Lawless & John                              Tayloring Your Church
     Franklin                                                                 by Dr. Ed Young
3:16                                                                  Kingdom Principles Growth Strategies
     by Max Lucado                                                       by Gene Mims & Mike Miller
The Tough Sayings of Jesus                                The New Believers Growth Course
                                                                                by Greg Laurie
YOUTH/CHILDREN                                             Experiencing God (cassettes)
G-Force 1.1 (for children)                                        by Henry Blackaby
G-Force 1.3                                                       Songs to Live By
G-Force 1.4                                                            by Dr. Jerry Vines
G-Force 2.1                                                       Heaven--Your Real Home
G-Force 2.2                                                            by Joni Ereckson Tada
Running the Rapids--Guiding                                Injoy--Favorite Christmas Messages
     Teens through Adolescence                            Before You Divorce--Strong Medicine for Failing Marriages
     by Kevin Leman                                             A Pastor's Guide to Events & Celebrations
Worship Kids Style                                                  by Dr. Stan Toler
Bible Skills, Drills & Thrills                                   Making Lasting Impressions--Greeting Guests and Members
     for Grades 4--6                                              10 Great Dates--Revitalize your Marriage
Fuel 2:  Owning your Faith                                   Follow Christ's Example
                                                                          What the Bible's all About
                                                                                by Henrietta Mears & Elmer Towns
                                                                           Through the Bible in One Year
                                                                           Vision, Variety, & Vitality--Training More Effective Leaders